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We are 9-1-1!

Our non-profit organization, the Public Safety Dispatcher Recognition Banquet (PSDRB), supports and recognizes all of the Police, Fire, and Medical 9-1-1 telecommunicators of Alameda County, CA. Our recognition committee consists of dispatchers from each police and fire agency in Alameda County who coordinate and fund-raise annually.  


I am a Dispatcher.
My heart answers every call.

Our organization coordinates various fundraising events throughout the year to benefit local charities and the PSDRB annual recognition banquet. Fundraisers hosted previously have included candy sales, spaghetti feed dinners, crab feed dinners, and apparel sales. Ten percent (10%) of all funds raised each year from these events are donated to local charities. For more information on the charity benefiting from this year's efforts please visit our 'Donate' page. 


The annual recognition banquet is a special evening designed to celebrate, appreciate, and recognize all of the 9-1-1 telecommunications personnel within our public safety community. This event is a fundraiser in and of itself, held the second week of April during National Public Safety Telecommunicator's week. Each year, a different agency within Alameda County, CA hosts this event. The host agency selects the theme for the event and is in charge of developing all fundraising events for that year.  

Please visit our 'Events' and 'Shop' page for current fundraising efforts.


9-1-1 Dispatchers.

The most important people you will never see.

National Public Safety Telecommunicator's Week (NPSTW) is a week-long event, originally designed in 1981 by Patricia Anderson of the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office in California, to celebrate and thank public safety telecommunicators. This local celebration was transformed into a national action and recognition in 1994 when President Clinton signed the act into law. 

Excerpt from President Clinton's Proclamation:

          "In an emergency, most Americans depend on 9-1-1. Each day, more than half a million public safety              communicators answer desperate calls for help, responding with services that save lives and property              of American citizens in need of assistance.

          These dedicated men and women are more than anonymous voices on the telephone line. They are                local police, fire, and medical professionals who use public safety telecommunications to quickly                      respond to emergency calls...We rely on their knowledge and professionalism as they make critical                  decisions, obtain information, and quickly dispatch needed aid. 

          America's public safety telecommunicators serve our citizens daily in countless ways. The work of these

          'unseen first responders' is invaluable in emergency situations, and each of these dedicated men and

          women deserve our heartfelt appreciation."


Every year, during the second week of April, this event is used to honor and bring awareness to those who dedicate their lives to serving their community.

As an organization, we host our recognition banquet during this extraordinary week to honor and bring awareness to those who dedicate their lives to serving their community. 

For more information on NPSTW please visit

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